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Low Cost Test Solution for Unblended Hot and Cold Water Pipes

kesä 19 2019

New product

Low Cost Test Solution for Unblended Hot and Cold Water Pipes

Date: 19. kesäkuuta 2019 15:30

TME’s Double TC Wall Port is a NEW test accessory for simplifying test and monitoring of unblended hot and cold water temperatures for legionella risk management.
TME’s TC Wall Port System already provides a low cost solution for connecting fine-wire temperature sensors/probes to concealed TMVs, crowded calorifier pipes and overhead tanks. The Double Port is a new addition to the system, connecting two pipes from one location to facilitate remote tests on unblended hot and cold water pipes.

How does it work?
The Double TC Wall Port is the same compact size as the single (52 x 52 mm) but houses two thermocouple connection points instead of one, wired to a choice of lengths up to a maximum of 20 meters. Attach the sensors to hot and cold feed pipes and leave them in place. Ongoing tests are easily taken by plugging a thermometer into the wall port without needing to access the pipes directly, delivering an instant, accurate result every time.
Low Cost Simplicity
At just £16 for a single wall port or £22.50 for a 1 meter double, installation can be achieved from under £25 per water point, leaving a fast, affordable testing method permanently in place.
Will my existing thermometer be compatible?
Any thermocouple input thermometer is compatible but TME recommends its MM2000 or MM2008 with a single plug to plug cable (only one required).
Paperless Recording Option
For paperless recording, the TC Wall Port System is compatible with TME’s unique MM7000-2D Barcode Scanning Thermometer.
24 Hour Monitoring
TME also supplies TC wall Port compatible WiFi Data Loggers with single or double thermocouple TMELOG1250 or TMELOG1210 offering continuous temperature profiling with email and text alerts plus optional cloud data storage.
About TM Electronics
TME is a UK manufacturing company with more than 25 years’ experience, supplying thermometers and temperature sensors for all uses but especially Legionella Risk Management and Food Safety.
TME When temperature matters
www.tmethermometers.com                   +44 (0)1903 700651                 sales@tmethermometers.com
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